It took some time for me to come up with good designs for Maurine and Julian. Way before their story started I tried sketching versions of them straight up, but it didn’t work out so well. When I decided to officially design them for the story, I needed to come up with a better way to do so. I eventually decided to start off with “evil” versions of Moe and Julia, and then gender-swap them.


After I drew this, I knew I should give Julian the scar, since he was the guy now (you know, manly scars and stuff). Once this was done, I settled on a design for Julian pretty quickly (except the placement of his scar). Maurine, however, was harder to work with–mostly because of her hairstyle.


Julia’s hair was easily turned into a guy’s. Moe, on the other hand, had absolutely no hair whatsoever, and so I had to come up with something completely fresh. I knew I wanted to still show the inexplicable lump on the back of Moe’s head, but I struggled for some time over how best to show it.


As I was pondering and sketching this, I decided to work on other aspects of Maurine and Julian. Firstly, I decided to make their figures contrast with Moe’s and Julia’s. This is the main reason I put them in swimsuits—so I could have more practice drawing different body types. (Aside here—I ended up giving Julian more body hair than I would personally be comfortable with. Even Charlie has less than Julian!)


Then I decided to finalize their faces. This is where I finally decided on a permanent placement for Julian’s scar (unfortunately, it was never visible in the comic); as I drew this, I decided to give Maurine bangs, and the rest of her hairstyle finally fell into place. Also notice I explicitly point out the direction of Julian’s askew lock; I didn’t want to resort to the Cheated Angle.


This was what I ended up using as Maurine and Julian’s model sheets for their first few appearances.

Of course, then I had to decide on coloration. Since their Earth was closer to their Sun, it would make sense that their skin would be more tan than ours (I actually went a step further and made the older characters’ skin more tan than the younger characters’). I had also heard that hair can lighten after sun exposure, so I made Julian’s hair a lighter shade of brown than Julia’s. Maurine, again, proved difficult to deal with. Moe has absolutely no visible body hair right now, so what color do I make Maurine’s? I eventually decided to use the same tan colored pencil I used to color her skin, except with full pressure to get the full color, rather than lighter pressure for a lighter color.

Then came swimsuit design and color. I knew I wanted to have Julian’s be shorts, with the same design as Julia’s (yellow with black spots). Once again, Maurine was harder to decide. I didn’t want her suit to be red with planets on it like Moe’s, because it didn’t seem as gender-neutral. So I ended up making a plain color; since I felt I had used enough pink in the comic, I went with a newer colored pencil—magenta.